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Join over 30 million high performers who levelled up with CliftonStrengths® at this half-day, in-person, transformative workshop led by Executive Performance Coaches Mandy Herold and Garreth Ewing.

Cape Town, Kelvin Grove Pavilion

30 August, 8:30am to 12:30pm

Country Club Johannesburg

13 September, 8:30am to 12:30pm

Shenaaz Moos, celebrity child therapist, providing a life-changing testimonial Stregths in Motion by Mandy Herold.

I want it. I want to know it. I want to teach it. I want to absorb it. I want to spread CliftonStrengths® in my practice in my family – everywhere. Mandy is the REAL DEAL! 

Shenaaz Moos, Therapist, Mental Health Advocate

Are You Wasting Your Time Being Less Than Your Best?

How much time and money have you spent trying to become better at things that don’t come naturally to you – spreadsheets, honing your creativity, sticking to daily routines or even being more charismatic? 

Do you ever spend weeks (months?) dancing around a grudge task that you just can’t face, only to finally get round to it, and it feels like you’re pushing a school bus up a hill? 

Has it ever occurred to you that the stuff you hate doing the most could be the very things that your colleagues, partners or friends might actually walk over coals to have on their todo list? 

Imagine everyone in your workplace, your home and everywhere else in your life knew what they did best, and then got to do those things all the time?

How incredible would that be for your career (and theirs) and your relationships? 

Imagine only working on projects where you SHINE. Where you are so CONFIDENT and so CLEAR on the value you bring that you can’t wait to DIVE IN.

Imagine being fully immersed in your flow – when time stops, you stretch yourself to the edge of your ability, and you produce your best work – day in and day out.

That is the goal of CliftonStrengths®. To have every person playing to their strengths. 

That is why I created Strengths in Motion, a half-day, in-person workshop designed to unlock your superpowers and reorganise your life and your work for optimal growth and next-level performance.

Hear What Graduates Are Saying
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There is so much strength in us being able to lean in on each other when we need to go deep or think laterally.

Lindsay Llewelyn & Emma Donovan, Founders of Become Dapper
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I can see how my strengths have made me valuable in the business and now I can focus on those to deliver my potential.

Darren Swanepoel, founder of D-One
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I want it. I want to know it. I want to teach it. I want to absorb it. I want to spread CliftonStrengths® in my practice in my family – everywhere.
Shenaaz Moos, Therapist

Cape Town, Kelvin Grove Pavilion

30 August, 8:30am to 12:30pm

Country Club Johannesburg

13 September, 8:30am to 12:30pm

The Lasting Power Of Strengths In Motion Is Backed By Science!
Efficient Time Management

Understanding and applying your strengths allows you to tackle tasks in ways that are most natural and effective for you, reducing the time spent on struggling with activities that don’t play to your strengths.

Limitless Earning Potential

When you excel in roles that align with your strengths, you are more likely to be recognised, promoted, and rewarded financially.

Enhanced Self-Awareness

Understanding your CliftonStrengths® provides immediate insight into what you naturally do best, helping you recognise your innate talents and how they influence your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Superior Performance

This targeted approach allows you to work more efficiently and effectively, maximising your productivity and satisfaction in tasks that align with your strengths.

Cohesive Teams

Leaders and teams who know their strengths delegate better and take more ownership, leading to enhanced teamwork, reduced conflict, and increased overall team performance.

The benefits are not just theoretical; they are SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to put your best self in motion.

I'm Mandy. Your Strengths Whisperer!

Not too long ago, there were parts of my work that I LOVED but massive chunks of my career were a slog – draining, uninspiring and exhausting. I immersed myself in personal development and learned every trick in the book to put my head down and get comfortable with discomfort. 

I was successful but something was missing. After two decades of learning and leading, it wasn’t enough. I wanted more. To do more. To be more. 

Then I discovered CliftonStrengths®, the performance modality that has empowered over 30 MILLION leaders worldwide to unlock their ultimate selves. 

When I did my CliftonStrengths® assessment and follow-up coaching, I felt like I could truly see myself – for the first time in my life. 

I stopped doing stuff that sapped my joy and shifted to spending all day, every day in flow – at my peak. My productivity went through the roof and shortly after that, my business exploded. 

I’ll share a secret – my marriage exploded too, but in the good way. CliftonStrengths® gave us crystal clarity and the vocabulary to express and address what was going on for us. 

CliftonStrengths® transformed me so profoundly that I dedicated my life to spreading this model to fellow leaders. And that is why I created Strengths in Motion™.

“When Your Talents Align With Your Tasks, Every Day Becomes a Masterpiece of Productivity”

- Mandy Herold

What Changed For Gavin, Lauren And Amber?
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I can already see ten things that I’m going to see on Monday to make my business better, & myself.
Gavin Walker, Entrepreneur
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I look forward to implementing this in worklife, with my friends and in relationships.
Lauren Dace, Psychologist
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When I read the outline I thought, ‘Oh WOW, Yes, that’s me’. This is exactly who I am!!!
Amber Davis, PhD Coach

Cape Town, Kelvin Grove Pavilion

30 August, 8:30am to 12:30pm

Country Club Johannesburg

13 September, 8:30am to 12:30pm

You're Invited To
Level Up
How much time you could save and how much money you could make if you knew what your superpowers were and how to fully utilise them?  Better yet, what would it be like to see the strengths of your team members on paper? What would it be like for you, to know how to unleash the secret weapon in each member of your team?  What would your relationship look like if you knew your partner’s super powers and what you should both give up trying to change about each other? During this half day workshop, you will shift your perspective and understanding of yourself and those around you through. Get stuck into a series of brief talks and collaborative exercises designed to battle-test the insights you gained from discovering your science-based, natural abilities. The outcome – you leave crystal clear on how to leverage your talents to overcome any obstacle you currently face, or may encounter in the future.  The learnings in this workshop will serve as a roadmap to bring you closer to a purposeful life at the peak of your ability.
The Numbers Don't Lie

CliftonStrengths® builds trust within teams and relationships using a scientific approach — based on more than 50 years of studying leadership behaviour — to create leaders who know how to win friends and influence people.

Knowing your strengths and playing into them alone can increase performance by up to 18%.
When leaders delegate according to the individual strengths of their team members, team engagement can increase by up to 400%.
Teams executing on work aligned with their strengths are more productive, happier and 73% less likely to feel burned out at work.
Organisations who employ the strengths based leadership modality experience as little as 27% of standard attrition rates.

Staff in a strengths focused work environment are 750% more likely to feel connected to their company culture.

Imagine unlocking your high performance secret sauce in one morning. Imagine the calm confidence you could bring to every client, every job, every person you meet, knowing you’re exactly where you need to be. 

How would it impact your team if they could do the same? 

What would hiring be like if you had a crystal ball to tell you which person was best suited where, and what you needed more of (or less of) on your team? 

Become A Magnet For Miracles
Mandy Herold - The Connection Coach

Strengths Coach and  Professional Speaker

Mandy Herold is a Gallup Global Strengths Coach and an Accredited Foundation Executive Coach with the Association for Coaching. She formerly served as the Headmistress (Principal) of the Foundation Phase at The Ridge School, a leading independent school in Johannesburg, where she honed her leadership over a span of 20 years.

By fostering environments that celebrated strengths, managed change effectively, and nurtured talent, Mandy developed a deep understanding of what drives performance and engagement in professional settings.

Her expertise lies in translating her educational leadership into coaching strategies that empower executives and C-suite leaders.

Mandy specialises in unlocking the potential of leaders by helping them to identify their unique strengths, quiet their inner critics, and significantly enhance their impact in their organisations.

Compete At The Olympics Of You

Strengths Coach, Olympic Hockey Coach, Lynchpin to High Performing Teams

Garreth is a Gallup Global Strengths Coach with 30 years of experience coaching individual athletes and teams, having led the South African men’s hock team to their most successful Olympics campaign in 2021.

Garreth bridges the gap between peak performance in elite sports, the workplace and personal development.

Garreth advocates a strengths-based approach, encouraging people to “do what you’re good at” in every aspect of work and life. He understands the unique challenges and opportunities high performers face and knows how to harness each individual’s unique strengths to unlock team success.

Through the language of Strengths, he helps leaders and teams identify what’s RIGHT with them, ensuring that everyone knows how to get the best out of each other.

Garreth Ewing seated in a casual black golf shirt at a coaching event.

Cape Town, Kelvin Grove Pavilion

30 August, 8:30am to 12:30pm

Country Club Johannesburg

13 September, 8:30am to 12:30pm

The Risk Is One Day,
But What Is The Reward Of
Unlocking Your Power?
Imagine this was the missing piece between where you are now and living a frictionless life. 
This Is What Happens When You Unlock Your Power!
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After floating through several careers CliftonStrengths® in combination with this event gave me the clarity and certainty I needed for a massive shift. It’s been an eye-opener.
Jonno Proudfoot, Bestselling Author and Entrepreneur
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It was beneficial to see how sometimes your strengths have negative sides to them and to be aware of those.

Leigh Mylrae, Curriculum Developer
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It’s all linking up, it’s making sense. I am understanding myself a lot better. Thank you so much, Mandy, for all that you do.

Kirsty Meyer, Teacher, Herschel Girls Primary School

Now, your mind might be telling you…

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"Too Cheap For Real Value"
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…or anything else it can to keep you small.

Strengths In Motion
Strengths in motion is a powerful half-day seminar that will change the direction of your life forever
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Cape Town, Kelvin Grove Pavilion

30 August, 8:30am to 12:30pm

Country Club Johannesburg

13 September, 8:30am to 12:30pm

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