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Hi, I’m mandy

Hi, I’m mandy

I’m passionate about supporting parents, teachers and schools on their journey to develop safe, connected and problem solving environments for children to thrive. 

Academics aren’t enough! We need to equip ourselves with tools to teach children missing skills through Social Emotional Learning. 

I have been working in Independent Schools with children aged 3-9 for 20 years. I was the Headmistress (Principal) of a Foundation Phase at The Ridge School, a leading independent school in Johannesburg for 12 years. 

I am the first International Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor in Africa and recently become a member of the Association for Coaching. 

Let’s upgrade your toolbox!

Why Conscious Discipline?

Why Conscious Discipline?

Conscious Discipline is a adult-first transformational, trauma-responsive approach to self-regulation that integrates:

  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Equitable School Culture
  • Theory and Application
  • Research and Brain-Based Discipline

When I discovered Conscious Discipline, it wrapped words around what I’ve always known to be true about working with children.

Check out: https://consciousdiscipline.com  

work with me

work with me

Coaching Sessions

This allows us to get to the crux of your current peril in order to put practical measures in place to help you to be successful.

Parent workshops

With a range of relevant topics and age appropriate ideas, we connect and collaborate in groups to partner on our collective parenting journeys.

Whole school consulting

School climate is key to creating safe, connected and problem solving environments for optimal learning. School leadership and management teams engage in a process of making transformational shifts for permanent changes.


This series was really amazingly insightful! I thank you for putting so much effort into teaching others these skills that ultimately make everything better! I wish there were more “Mandys” around to spread the information! Imagine what our community would look like if everyone was equipped with these skills?!


I’ve been to many workshops and parent talks but Mandy’s one on Conscious Discipline was the first workshop that focused, not on changing our children’s behaviour but, the way we respond to them. The focus on empathy is profound as we endeavour to teach our children to be kind but hardly ever stop to ask if we’re being examples of that ourselves.


Mandy was extremely supportive throughout the entire process. She allowed everyone to be heard, acknowledged when someone was trying to speak, honored everyone’s experience and may be one of the most compassionate humans I’ve met. She did an incredible job facilitating, keeping the group moving and addressing questions when needed.


Thanks again for holding a session with Michael and I. I think having you in our ‘space’ changed the dynamic completely. It made my son feel very special but also he wasn’t distracted by his peers and everything going on at school. Michael was engaged by what you were saying, how you said it, and the little props really helped to keep his attention. Your guidance and the practical tools that you shared with us were easy to understand and remember, which is important for him (and me!). I think the format worked really well – it was the right amount of time, and enough ‘content’ – which gave us manageable things to work on.


Thank you again, Mandy! It felt like I’ve know you forever. Your willingness to share your heart really created a community of safety and connection, which is difficult to do virtually. I just wish you ran a school here in the U.S. so I could try to secure a teaching position to work with you. 🙂 This course allowed me to find a supportive and engaging group of people all with the same goal and open mindedness. I absolutely looked forwarded to our weekly meetings. Break out sessions and the mingle after allowed me to make connections with people from all over the globe and I’m forever grateful.


It can feel like our lives are so hectic, that we almost parent on intuition and auto pilot. This morning gave us an hour dedicated to slowing down and really thinking about our kids and the way we wish to interact and raise them. Many of the points you raised resonate with us, particularly identify the reason/emotion behind the action and addressing that.

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